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Marriage and Family
Couples Counseling Therapist

One of the most common mistakes people make is the dismissal of differences between same-sex and heterosexual couples. While all couples of every race, creed, and orientation are alike in ways, they all have very different aspects that make them quite unique and separate them from the others.

There is a lack of socially validated structure for GLBT relationships which causes the question of ‘what am I to you?’ or ‘so are we an item or what?’ and the sort because the relationship labels are still a bit less defined by today’s society. When traditional, heterosexual couples date, it is typically expected that the male pays for dinner and a movie as a chivalrous gentleman. When two women or two men date, it depends on the individuals and their perspectives on the matter. It gets complicated and this can cause anxiety for the couple. Other struggles may include internalized homophobia, coming out, bullying, deciding to have children, marriage, and more.

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