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First off, if you are reading this I applaud you because you have already taken the first step: researching, looking for answers, seeking help, reaching out by means of taking enough action to educate yourself by looking for solutions via the internet. The next step will be to reach out and call to schedule a consultation session.
I do not accept insurance and I find this actually makes my clients feel more comfortable knowing that I am the only one that knows you are my client. Unfortunately there is still much stigma regarding therapy by today’s society (which there shouldn’t be).
Why is there such a stigma to seeing a therapist?
We live in a society that glorifies self reliance- but to the unhealthy extreme. Take John “Rambo” (fictional macho man type character),… he works alone and single-handedly frees those who are oppressed and overthrows the bad guy’s organization. This isn’t very realistic, but hey, anything’s possible. The way that “Rambo” is perceived as the ultimate hero and what so many men idolize and wish to be like is not exactly the best example to set. Soldiers today are the most popular example of bottling up instead of reaching out for help. Certainly Rambo would never be on a therapist’s couch now would he? But let me remind you, he is a fictional character and not many health human beings choose to live in solitude, growing their own food and making their own cloths.
A wonderful pioneer for the mental health field is Dr. Sue Johnson. She teaches us that while we know love can be a weakness or make us feel distraught, it is also when we are reassured and certain that we are loved that we are at our strongest. The feeling of certainty that we are truly loved makes us feel invincible! At Arrows in the Heart, we share this perspective.
Why should I see a therapist? Do I need counseling?
Think of going to therapy as seeing a dentist—if you go to see a dentist regularly (the recommended every 6 months for a check-up), you can avoid having a bigger problem that you would have had if you had put off seeing the dentist a full 12 months. If you put off seeing the dentist regularly, you then need a cavity filled—or worse, a root canal! In that same sense, putting off seeing a therapist can cause your original smaller issue of, say, having communication issues with your spouse, then snowballs into finally going to see a therapist only after the situation has gotten to the point where the two of you are discussing divorce or having an affair.
So instead of waiting until you have a huge cavity and need a root canal, why not see a dentist every 6 months for a checkup? Instead of waiting until you are having suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, or discussing divorce while throwing dishes at each other,… why not see a therapist once a month?
This is a real problem in today’s society. People neglect their mental health by putting off seeing a therapist because they feel ashamed of the mere thought of going to talk about their problems with a trained professional.
Another analogy is, think of a therapist as a locksmith for your mind. You have everything you need to solve your own problems, but you got locked out of your own house (or brain in this analogy). In order to get back into your own home (or brain), you need to call a locksmith who can help get you back into your home where you left your keys. As humans, we are emotional creatures (yes, even Rambo is an emotional creature). When we get emotional, our minds our clouded by this fog of anger, sadness, etc.. When we are upset, we often get ‘tunnel vision’ in that we cannot see anything past the problem. We are in a state of short sighted-ness. Sometimes even after we’ve calmed down we still cannot figure out solutions to our problems. Therapy can help. Counseling is for everyone. You can see a therapist individually, with a spouse, with your kids, or even with the while family.
How can therapy/counseling help me?
Therapy can help you individually as well as in your relationships with others. Any personal growth you do on your own will have a ripple effect into your relationships with others. At Arrows in the Heart, we see individuals, couples, and entire families. Counseling can help you develop inner personal skills, develop relational skills, learn better coping strategies, and just feel better overall! Therapy can help anyone live a more fulfilling life.
Should I come alone to therapy or bring my significant other?
Whichever you choose to do and are more comfortable with is best. Some sessions can be done separately and others together. As a practitioner of mainly systemic therapy, you can come alone or bring your spouse, but the approach we take will always be systemic. The only thing to note is that if you choose to come with your spouse and then come alone in another session, I will remind you of my NO SECRETS POLICY. This means if I am treating you both as my client together, even if I only see one of you in a session, the focus will still be on treating you both even though the other is not present. Further, this means that any information divulged in session is to be shareable with the other thus you wouldn’t disclose infidelity or anything that you would not want the other to know.
What can I tell my therapist? Can going to therapy get me in trouble?
Anything you say in a therapy session is completely and utterly confidential *except if you disclose that you have plans to harm yourself or others. In a nutshell, if you divulge that you are suicidal, or have plans to kill someone, I must notify the authorities. Also, if there is child abuse or elderly abuse, I am mandated by law to notify the proper authorities. Other than that, everything you say is completely confidential.