The Decline of Humanity – On my Soap Box

One thing I especially do not appreciate about society today is places like ‘Hooters’. Not because of what you probably think I’m going to say, but because children are allowed into these places and exposed to this… culture? How exploited have women become that it is okay for children to go into a restaurant that exploits the female body with signs on the wall that say, “CAUTION: BUMPS” or even one that says “Men: no shirt, no shoes, no service. Women: no shirt, free food!”
I don’t consider strip clubs bad because children are not allowed, plus typically they are somewhat hidden thus they are not like Hooters where is is just accepted by common everyday society. Toddlers are not allowed in strip clubs like at ‘Hooters’ or ‘Tilted Kilt’ or ‘Twin Peaks’…. goodness there are a LOT of restaurants that parade women around and objectify their bodies!
At least in strip clubs the women are on a pedestal- not putting half priced drinks on coasters that say ‘Better Grab a Pair’. I feel when men see this, they view women as a commodity in some way. It also cheapens the mystique of women.
I feel restaurants like ‘Hooters’ and ‘Tilted Kilt’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ degrade women by exploiting the female body with the tacky signs that objectify womens bodies– and babies and toddlers can eat there. It just seems to me that if I was a 7 year old girl at those types of restaurants, it would have a very negative impact on my self image. Also calling them “girls” like “Be a Twin Peaks girl” or “Meet the girls of Hooters” makes girls feel that growing up will make you old and unwanted and since so much emphasis is placed on womens physical appearance, I would feel that I had no value if I was not sexually appealing. I find these restaurants incredible threatening to young girls and women’s self esteem.
There are so many harmful messages out there for girls reaching puberty. ‘Hooters’ restaurants and the like are in my opinion, cause the biggest harm because it allows all ages to dine at the restaurant and there are subliminal messages on the crude signs posted on the restaurant walls like “CAUTION: double humps” which cheapens the aesthetics of the female body. If I were an 8 year old girl eating t Hooters, I would notice how the waitresses are referred to as “girls” ((meet the Hooters girls or the Girls of Twin Peaks or be a Tilted Kilt girl)) and look the way they do. I would feel as though the ‘joke’ on the wall, aiming at the female body means my body is something I should be ashamed about and is expected to be made fun of casually like it is now on those signs.